Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control can lead to our pets going missing. In such cases, microchipping can be a lifesaver.

Our microchipping in Bedford is a simple and easy way to ensure that your pet can be quickly reunited with you if they gets lost. Additionally, some countries, such as those in the European Union, require pets to be microchipped for travel purposes.

During the microchipping process, a small electronic chip is injected under your pet’s skin with a large needle. Sedation is usually unnecessary, and it is similar to receiving a vaccine. When a scanner is passed over the area, it sends radio waves that activate the chip, sending a unique identification number to the scanner. This number is specific to your pet, serving as a sort of social security number for animals.

At veterinary clinics and shelters, stray animals are scanned to ensure they have no microchip present. If a microchip is detected, the microchip registry is contacted, allowing for quick retrieval of information about the pet’s owner, facilitating a prompt reunion between owner and pet.

To ensure a smooth process, pet owners should update their personal information with their microchip provider. In case of a lost pet, immediately contact the microchip provider to report your lost pet.

At Bedford Veterinary Medical Center, we use microchips by HomeAgain, ensuring that your pet’s safety is our top priority.

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